Occasional lover, brings you handcrafted jewelry from her studio in Mexico City. Each unique piece is thoughtfully designed and meticulously hand-finished in small batches.

The birthplace of each design originates from Kathryn’s studio, a space she personally hand built and designed herself, located in Narvarte Ponniente, Mexico City.

In a testament to her dedication, Kathryn personally handcrafts every jewelry piece, from the initial concept to final completion. Every design is intricately hand carved in wax before undergoing the transformation into sterling silver through the ancient technique of lost wax casting.

Kathryn’s commitment extends beyond artistry to encompass meaningful and sustainable studio practices. Metal scraps find renewed purpose, melted down and transformed into new creations in collaboration with a trusted local metal caster. Gemstones are sourced from a local stone cutter in Mexico City and reputable vendors nestled within the iconic New York City’s diamond district.

Kathryn finds significant inspiration in the human form, exploring how adornments enhance the body’s features. Beyond this, her creative influences extend to nature, including fruits and flowers, as well as the interplay of light, shadow, and color-elements vividly portrayed in her photography. These varied array of inspirations shape the distinctive multifaceted essence of her work.

If you're curious to learn more about Kathryn’s process, feel free to explore her content on social media. Apart from making jewelry, she also creates ceramic works, graffiti, and photography. To experience the Occasional Lover studio firsthand, reach out through the contact form to schedule a private appointment. Alternatively, you can meet in person at her NYC pop-ups every two months, details of which she regularly shares on Instagram.