Occasional lover is a one woman show. Every piece of jewelry is designed and hand finished in small batches by me, Kathryn.

A key aspect to my style of creating is maintaining flow state of mind so ideas arrive naturally through observing the environment around me. I never draw out any of my designs because I see them perfectly in my minds eye.

There's so much beauty to be admired in all of us as we recognize and lean into our individuality. I get asked too often whether my designs are for men or women. Simply put, jewelry does not have a gender. A big inspiration of my work is the human form and how adornments interact and accentuate certain features of the body. Other inspirations include fruits, flowers, light, shadow, and color which can be observed in my photography.

My process of creating jewelry is a labor of love. I hand carve and finish each piece of jewelry using the ancient technique of lost wax casting; a technique that dates back to 3700 BC. For items such as hoop earrings, I hand fabricate parts using metal sheet or wire. Metal scraps are recycled whenever possible to be repurposed into new pieces, working with a local metal caster. Gemstones are sourced from a local stone cutter here in Mexico City and from local vendors in the diamond district of NYC.

If you would like to know more about my process,  you can view my content on social media. I'm dedicated to maintaining a high level of craftmanship and attention to detail for all jewelry that leaves the studio for you to enjoy. 

In addition to jewelry, I also create ceramic works, graffiti, and hand built my entire art studio located in Mexico City. If you’d like to experience Occasional Lover studio in person, please reach out to me though the contact form for a private appointment.